The High Tatra Mountains: http://www.tatry.sk/  (the smallest mountains in the world, the dominant feature of the region) – the foot of the High Tatra Mountains, distance from the hotel - Štrbské Pleso 10km, Starý Smokovec 27km, Tatranská Lomnica 32km The High Tatra Mountains – thanks to their unique natural environment the mountains offer the visitors plenty of recreational activities, which are suitable for everyone: advanced sportsmen, seniors and families with small children. Alpine tourism, climbing and skiing are prevailing in this offer but there remains a lot of space for other recreational activities such as mountain bike ride, horseback riding, paragliding, swimming or rafting. It is up to you to set the limits of your abilities; if you do not feel safe enough in the mountains or if you do not have necessary equipment, please contact the Mountain Guard Association, Tatra's Rescue Service or any of the ski schools, travel agencies or sport equipment rentals. All these professional organisations will ensure that your tourist plans remain without any problems. Lovers of extreme sports must be aware that in the High Tatra's Mountains every activity out of the designated tourist routes and skiing tracks is possible only with the consent of the Tatra National Park Administration.

Members of rescue team recommend taking a mobile phone with you when going for a trip
Operating mobile telephone with pre-saved numbers to call help is recommended by experienced rescuers. In the avalanche terrain it is useful to have avalanche indicator device. Poprad Air Rescue Service (Popradská Letecká záchranná služba) Air Transport Europe (ATE) have the emergency phone number 18155. According to the speaker of the LZS ATE Pavol Svetoň the helicopter can start in the course of 5 minutes; however, it is very important that the rescue team has enough information to be able to prepare themselves for the mission. So that the rescue team does not lose the path and could as quickly as possible find the place of accident. Therefore, the caller should describe briefly what happened in the mountains, what are the injuries or, eventually, what is the health condition of the patient, where did the accident occurred – e.g. name of the valley, path, route, chalet, point in the wall etc. The callers should agree with the call centre of the LZS on what signs will they show when the halicopter arrives. It is best to raise your arms as much as possible above the head in the shape of 'V'. When tracking/hiking it is reasonable to wear colourful clothes so that your clothes can be distinguished from the nature colours. Sometimes it happens that tourists wave the helicopter crew to greet them which can result in the loss of dear minutes as the crew can get them mistaken with the callers. ‚You can call for help anytime 24/7. Both The Air Rescue Service and the Mountain Rescue Service will always find a solution, regardless of whether they arrive on the ground or by air', emphasised the speaker. He added that people should make space for the landing helicopter and adhere to the instructions of the rescuers and let them do their job as they are fully qualified for it.

Visiting regulations of the Tatra's National Park, GENERAL PUBLIC NOTICE of the County court in Prešov No. 1/1999 dated 29th June 1999 on the visiting regulations of the Tatra's National Park. The visiting regulations were elaborated by the State Protection of the nature of the Slovak Republic, Tatra's National Park Administration Office, P.O.Box 21, 059 41 Tatranská Štrba 75.

Village Štrba: http://www.strba.sk/ (typical Sub Tatran village) – distance from the hotel 3km

Village Važec: http://www.obecvazec.sk/ (typical Sub Tatran village with small but beautiful cave: http://www.ssj.sk/jaskyne/spristupnene/vazecka/) – distance from the hotel 8km

Village Liptovské Teplička, starting point to Kráľová hoľa: www.liptovskatelpicka.sk – distance from the hotel 17km

Village Lúčivná: www.lucivna.sk (typical village with ski resort) – distance from the hotel 5km

Town Vysoké Tatry: http://www.vysoketatry.sk/

Town Poprad: www.poprad.sk (administration and business centre of the region; historical part - Spišská Sobota with many cultural monuments) – distance from the hotel 20km

Town Kežmarok: www.kezmarok.sk (Medieval royal town from as early as 1268; many historical monuments: castle, wooden church, basilica, renaissance houses, beautiful town square with pedestrian zone) – distance from the hotel 37km

Town Levoča: www.levoca.sk (Medieval royal town from as early as 1268; many historical monuments: renaissance town hall, gothic church with the highest engraved wooden altar in the world from Master Pavol from Levoča, renaissance houses) – distance from the hotel 40km

Spiš castle: http://www.spisskyhrad.sk/ (the largest castle complex in Central Europe) – distance from the hotel 55 km

Spišská Kapitula (Spiš Canonry): http://www.slovenskyraj.sk/vylety/spkapitula/spkapitula.html church town, residence of the Spiš archbishop, many interesting monuments, cathedral of St. Martin - 52km

Thermal swimming pools Vrbov: http://www.termalnekupalisko.com/ - distance from the hotel 35 km

Aquapark Aquacity Poprad: http://www.aquacity.sk/ - distance from the hotel 22 km

Aquapark Tatralandia:  http://www.tatralandia.sk/main.php?i=Tatralandia - distance from the hotel 55 km

Aquapark Bešeňová: http://www.besenovanet.sk/ - distance from the hotel 70 km

Dam – Water reservoir Liptovská Mara: http://www.nizketatry.com/ciele/lmara/lmara.html - distance from the hotel 40 km

Tatra Cableways (Tatranské lanové dráhy):  www.tldtatry.sk

Ski resort Štrbské Pleso: www.parksnow.sk - distance from the hotel 10 km 

Ski resort Lúčivná: www.snowpark.sk - distance from the hotel 5 km 

Ski resort Lopušná dolina: www.skitatry.sk and www.skichem.sk - distance from the hotel 10 km

Ski resort Starý Smokovec:  http://www.tldtatry.sk/index.cfm?module=ActiveWeb&page=WebPage&DocumentID=1006 - distance from the hotel 27 km

Ski resort Tatranská Lomnica:  http://www.tldtatry.sk/index.cfm?module=ActiveWeb&page=WebPage&DocumentID=1007 - distance from the hotel 32 km

Ski resort Liptovská Teplička:  http://www.tldtatry.sk/index.cfm?module=ActiveWeb&page=WebPage&s=liptovska_teplicka - distance from the hotel 17 km

Ski resort Ždiar - Bachledová dolina: http://www.tatry.sk/lyzovanie/zdiar-bachledova-dolina - distance from the hotel 50 km

Ski resort SkiCentrum Ždiar Strednica:  http://www.tatry.sk/lyzovanie/skicentrum-strednica-zdiar - distance from the hotel 50 km

Ski resort Podbanské:  http://www.tatry.sk/skiing/other-ski-resorts - distance from the hotel 27 km

Low Tatras: http://www.nizketatry.sk/ - distance from the hotel: 17km Liptovská Teplička - starting point to Kráľova Hoľa; 35km Liptovský Ján – starting point to Ďumbier peak; 75km Demänovská valley – starting point to Chopok peak....
The Low Tatras mountains are spread across 80 km line from the West to the East between picturesque valleys of Váh and Hron. The main comb (with its three peaks) is more than 2000 m high. The highest peaks Ďumbier (2043 m), Chopok (2024 m), Dereše (2004 m), Chabenec (1955 m) and Kráľova hoľa (1948 m) are unique view points at the mountains and to the valleys.
    Low Tatras are the second most visited mountains in Slovakia, right after the
High Tatras. Many new hotels, camps, chairlifts and tows and centres of tourism have been created in recent years  However, there are still real primeval forests with many types of animals, among others bears, particularly in the eastern part, between the saddle  Čertovica and Kráľova hoľa.
    In these almost untouched forests you can undertake many interesting walks/tours. Tourists will appreciate the part of the mountain comb from
Chopok to Čertovica, which offers beautiful views into the Low Tatras valleys both on the north and the south.
    The best equipped tourist centres with hotels and chalets are in the heart of the Low Tatras, in the two valleys at the foot of
Chopok, under the most beautiful part of the main comb. In the northern part there is the Demänovská valley with recreational villages right next to the entrance to the valley such as Lúčky, Záhradky and Jasná. On the south you can find the Bystrá valley with resorts Tále, Srdiečko and Kosodrevina and recreational village Mýto pod Ďumbierom. In the central part of the mountains there is a ski resort (in the saddle) called Čertovica. Other accommodation facilities are in Bocianska valley, in the picturesque villages Vyšná Boca and Nižná Boca.
    The western part of the mountains is the main starting point to mountain tours the village
Donovaly; in the eastern part it is Liptovská Teplička and Telgárt. The main tourist starting point to the areas Chopok-north (Demänovská valley) is Liptovský Mikuláš; to the area of Chopok-south (Bystrá dolina, Krpáčovo) is Podbrezová and Brezno. In 1964 a separate administration unit – village Demänovská Dolina was created for all tourist centres in the Demänovská valley.
    The area of the Low Tatras provides many opportunities of swimming (
Bešeňová, Čierny Váh, Krpáčovo, Liptovská Mara, Liptovský Ján, Aquapark Tatralandia, Tále) and the visits of the caves (Bystrianska jaskyňa, Demänovská ľadová jaskyňa, Demänovská jaskyňa slobody, Jaskyňa mŕtvych netopierov, Važecká jaskyňa).
    In 1978 the Low Tatras were declared a national park (
NAPANT) – the total area of 81 095 ha.

Pieniny: http://www.pieniny.sk/ - distance from the hotel 75km

The territory of Pieniny was in 17/08/1932 place of the declaration of the first international natural park in Europe and it was formed by Pieniński Park Narodowy and the Slovak natural reservation (Slovenská prírodná rezervácia) in Pieniny.
Pieniny National Park (PIENAP) was established by the order of the Presidium of the Slovak National Council on 16/01/1967 - the total area of 2125 ha.
    Pieniny are part of the mountain ridge which is located on the boundary-line of the inner and outer Carpathy. Their main feature is a complicated geological base which caused the formation of an attractive relief of the rocky walls, towers and mountain ridges of various types and which, together with
Prielom Dunajca (saddle) form unique landmarks.
    One of the tourist attractions is mainly
flatboat floating of 9 km long Prielom Dunajca (saddle) in the area of Červený Kláštor to Lesnica. To return to Červeny Kláštor you can walk or cycle using the tourist marked routes alongside the river Dunajec or by bus from Lesnica to Červeny Kláštor.
    In a close distance to the national park there is a musem
Červený kláštor – a village with well preserved folk architecture (Osturňa, Jezersko, Malá Franková) and town Spišská Stará Ves with some accommodation facilities. From these places you may like to go for the whole day trips to the surrounding area (Stará Ľubovňa, Vyšné Ružbachy, Vysoké Tatry, Strážky, Kežmarok).

Western Tatras: http://www.zapadnetatry.com/ - distance from the hotel to Podbanské is 27 km and to Pribylina 35 km

The Western Tatras are covering the area of 400 km2 and are the second highest mountains in Slovakia. The biggest part of the mountains is on Liptov and the smallest part is in Orava; approximately one fourth of the area is in Poland. The border with Vysoké Tatry on the east is formed by Ľaliové sedlo (saddle) and Chočské vrchy; on the west it is Suchá dolina and Hutianske sedlo (saddle).
    They are characterised by massive crooked main mountain comb which is 35 km long. The majority of the peaks are more than 2,000 metres high. The highest peak of this mountain comb is Baníkov (2178 m) and the highest peak is Bystrá (2248 m) is at less than 1 km distance to the south from the main mountain comb.
    For tourists the most attractive part of the Western Tatras is Roháče situated on the mountain border. The mountain peaks have characteristic names - Ostrý Roháč (2084 m) and Plačlivé (2126 m). The shortest access is through Roháčska valley from Zverovka.
    The most famous tourist resorts of the Western Tatras are
Podbanské, Pribylina, Račkova valley, Žiarska valley, Zverovka and Oravice.

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