Curative effects of sauna have been known for a long time. Hot air in sauna induces perspiration and excretion of harming substances; it opens skin pores, improves skin perfusion, elasticity and appearance. It increases the rate of metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect and kills acaroids which live on the surface of a human body. Sauna also helps with certain allergies, eczema, candidosis and mycotic infections, acne and skin diseases. It has proved curative effects in asthma, inflammations and allergies of airways. Sauna has anxiolitic and relaxing effects.

Hell sauna
The effect of sauna on organism is multiple. Significant skin perfusion is mainly due to high temperature (60 to 110 °C; minimal air humidity 10 – 30 %). Sauna in certain ways regulates the blood pressure (individuals with high blood pressure should be careful when using sauna), and the body temperature increases of 1 – 2 °C in average. Both increased perfusion and overheating can improve muscle and joint locomotion, eventually can provide pain relief. Increased temperature activates the function of sebaceous glands what helps to excrete contaminated substances, which is important for cosmetics. Sauna belongs to the most universal hardenous procedures and it is also significant regarding to prevention of a number of cold diseases.

Herbal sauna
Aromatherapy is one of the natural methods of medicine. The application of ethereal oils helps to cure various diseases. Historical experience shows that one of the most effective and simultaneously the oldest methods of the use of aromatherapy is inhalation, i.e. inhalation of scents. Following the initial sensation invoked by scents the brain evokes various reactions and consequently healing processes with long-term effect. Inhaled scent reaches lungs, from where it affects organism through other pathways. In our herbal sauna you can experience different scents such as chamomile, althaea and wild thyme.

Steam eucalyptus sauna
The advantage of steam sauna, where the temperature reaches maximum of of 60 °C along with 100 % humidity, is its lower stress load of organism, therefore it is also suitable for individuals who suffer from various medical problems because of which they cannot attend classical sauna (it is advisable to consult the matter with their medical doctor). It is also called Turkish bath. Humidified air has favourable effects on the skin, which is well perfused and intensively cleaned. Therefore the skin remains soft.  Steam bath has also positive effects on impaired vessels and respiratory diseases which intensifies the influence of scented eucalyptus essential oil. After extreme exercise, sauna helps the body to recover. It is very important to keep the drinking regime while taking the sauna.

Our Tepidarium - equipped with heated ceramic chairs shaped to adjust to your back – is a suitable supplement for the relaxation and regenerative effects of our vital world.

Massage showers – Warm and Cold rain


We can exaggerate a bit and say that using sauna is almost like a scientific field which constantly develops thanks to the discovery of new knowledge and new technical possibilities. Educated sauna maintenance assistants should educate themselves further
and become the real ‚saunamen'. This also applies to public saunas. So, let's have a look at a few basic steps on how to correctly use sauna.

We can talk about regular use of sauna if you repeat the procedure at least once a week. Irregular use of sauna applies to its use in longer time intervals whereas you practically begin again and again.
According to the repeated changes of heating and cooling down procedures during the use of sauna and mainly according to the result we can differentiate between:
1x irritable
2x supporting muscle tone
3x relaxation
4x inhibitory
5x exhaustive
6x risky (it is not a correct use of sauna anymore)

Before you start:
• Please consult with your medical practitioner whether the use of sauna is suitable for you at all taking into account your health condition.
• Include in your regeneration programme at least two hours once a week.
• Do not enter sauna with either full stomach or being hungry, or shortly after an excessive physical activity.
• Prior to the use of sauna always have ready a soap, massage scrub or brush, towels for drying off, skin 'frottage' or to cover the sauna bench, oil for the treatment of the dry skin after you have used sauna.

When to use sauna:
The optimal time to use sauna is in the evening so that a sleep can be followed after sauna procedures; and two hours after last meal. That is why children in nurseries go to sauna before lunch and go to bed straight afterwards. Part of the training process of the sportsmen – professionals include regeneration days and these are subject to an agreement of the whole realisation team (coach, masseur, psychologist etc.).

Take off your clothes and underwear (use WC), wash yourself using soap, have a shower, dry yourself off, enter the heating room – all this max. 5 minutes.

Lie down comfortably, wait till you are heated and begin sweating. Principally, nose breathe (if the nose breathing hurts, cover your nose and mouth by your palm or cool down your body). At the end of the heating procedure sit down and, if you wish so, pour yourself using water or the chamomile extract (hot rocks of the heating element). At the same time massage the skin of your limbs and your body using your fingers, palm, scrub or brush; wash the sweat off in the shower before and after sweating, massage, exercise; cooling down max. 2 minutes.
After the first heating procedure you can enrich the sauna procedures by partial massage or by release of your muscles, tissues and joints using ribstalls or auto traction massage chair, alternatively by light physical exercise. After you have finished supplement procedure you can continue by selecting from another cycle of heating and cooling down.

Cooling down:
You can cool down either by having another shower using cold water or according to Kniep max. 5 minutes of cooling down in a tub or a tank (which is more difficult for older people) - max. 2 minutes; a few strokes of swimming and flowing in a pool with cold water max. 2 minutes, or by simply sitting down and breathing fresh air. Do not forget to do a few exercises of breathing gymnastics - up to 20 minutes max.
Heating and cooling down procedures can be repeated a few times.

When you have finished the sauna procedures please have a rest for a while (particularly after more than triple repetition of the heating and cooling down procedures), add up the perspired water, salt and vitamin C using natural fruit juices - up to max 20 minutes. Alcohol blocks the positive effect of the use of sauna and smoking in the sauna is absolutely incomprehensible. While having a rest you can expose yourself for a short period of time to a filtered ultraviolet radiation or on the way home do some suitable movement activity on the fresh air (e.g. walking, light running – in the winter season cross-country skiing). The use of sauna supports regenerative and profuse sleep and on the next day you will wake up feeling the energy to live.


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